Match Report
Gresham's School Girls-U18A vs  Cromer Ladies
On: Thursday, 13 May 2021
Venue: Away

It won't get much better than this for a match. Blue sky, warm(ish) weather and playing on some quality grass courts against friendly opponents. Due to the current Covid situation, we weren't allowed to mix around and therefore had to play 21 games against the same opponent. The girls found it a strange experience playing on the grass but most enjoyed it one they had got used the low bounce. Many of the matches were close, especially Amy and Anna who were narrowly beaten 11-10 by Tanja Wright and Judy Oliver. Zara and Claudia's game was also close but they lost 12-9 to the very steady pairing of Alison Woodrow and Nikki Baker. There were some incredible rallies and I heard many squeals of delight and quite a few groans of disappointment during the afternoon from all the players. Tea was taken and the scores totted up to reveal that the Cromer Ladies had won 97 games to our 50. It would have been nice to win but the score was irrelevant as the most important factor was being able to be out there in the sunshine playing tennis after so long in lock down. After some delicious cakes and tea, the girls went back out for a final half hours play before heading home. Experience won the day over youth but we learned quickly and will be back after half term for a rematch.

Zara & Claudia L 12-9

Amy & Anna L 11-10

Poppy & Lucy L 14-7

Lucie & Phoebe L 13-8

Edith & Henri L 15-6

Izzy & Olivia L 14-7

Flo & Martha L 18-3